Welcome at Farmed Today!

We are a young Start-Up, operating in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our goal is to improve our current Food System by making it more sustainable, fair and transparent. We restore local food systems by empowering sustainable food producers and providing a platform for them to directly sell to local consumers.

We strive for constant innovation and aim to offer solutions for current problems, such as Food Waste, Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Biodiversity.
Currently, our team is still very small. We look for a motivated intern that wants to fulfil the challenging role of further expanding our growing community of conscious foodies, sustainable food producers, innovative partners and loyal clients.
Current Open Vacancies:
  • Community Management Intern 
What we are looking for:

We look for a person that has a passion for food, sustainability and innovation.
Your work as Community Management Intern will cover a diverse range of business areas, such as our customers, brand ambassadors and followers, the food-producers and sellers on our platform, our social media presence, our communication at public events and fairs as well as our corporate relationships.
You will be working in our flex office (Amsterdam Centrum), joining the CEO to meetings and helping with external events or activities outside the office.
You should be eager to learn about a variety of areas within community management and have ambitions to excel in supervising these.

It is crucial to be innovative, creative and able to handle pressure.
You should be able to learn and adapt quickly, have basic social media marketing skills, basic website development skills, basic photoshop skills and be able to work fast on a laptop.
This position is great for a person that strives to ultimately become a Community Manager or Chief Community Officer.

At Farmed Today, we just started up and we have big ambitions. We look for people that want to develop themselves in their position and grow within the company. For this internship, we will give you the skills needed to proceed working at Farmed Today as Community Manager.

Community Management Intern

What we offer:

We offer an exciting opportunity to gain insights into a fast-pace business environment. Learn the ins-and-outs of growing a loyal community directly from our founder and CEO.
You will learn about and execute following business activities:

• Social Media Management
• Digital & Offline Marketing
• Growth Hacking & Content Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Corporate Relationship Management
• Account Management
• Website Development (PHP, HTML)
• Business Automation Processes
• Product Development
• Public Relationship Management
• Event Management
• Operations Management

Time and Compensation:
The internship has a duration of 6 months, starting from January/ February 2019.
The internship is based on a 40h workweek (Monday- Friday), compensated with 300€ per Months, free lunch and a weekly 1-hour private mentor session with our CEO.

Community Management Intern


Apply now by sending your CV and a proof of motivation to demba@farmedtoday.com

Application deadline: 12th of January 2019